Aaaaah, the long run!  It is one of my favorite runs (the other being mile repeats), and there is no better time to do than early in the morning.  Let’s be honest – I love running in general, but being out on the road for one or two or three hours is awesome.  It’s just […]


It’s been “cold” for a couple of months now, but winter is officially here now that snow has been dumped on us in Chicago – snow that’s actually accumulated! This has certainly made portions of my runs more interesting since not all portions of the paths get plowed, which leaves behind a mess of uneven, […]

Workout: 5 miles, easy (39:12) Weather: Snowing, mid-30s When: Evening, after work What a difference a day makes.  Yesterday I got my easy 5 mile run in wearing shorts and a t-shirt in 60+ degree weather — no, that’s not a typo! — to running in slightly more standard January gear – thermal-ish tights, 180’s Voyager shirt […]


I came across this great article called Treating Running Injuries: Form vs Footwear on the Natural Running Center‘s website.  Here’s a quick summary of what the article is about, I highly recommend all runners – recreational, competitive, or otherwise (basically, if you run EVER) – should read this and think about your choice of footwear. The author, […]


What’s a “lert”, you ask? I remember asking my dad that same question after I had been daydreaming and missed something interesting in the car, or walking with my head down and almost running into someone while running errands, or chatting with friends instead of paying attention to our baseball game. A lert is alert. […]


A Look Back at 2012 At the end of 2011, I wrote down a set of running goals that I wanted to accomplish in 2012.  They do not perfectly adhere to the SMART method, which I wrote about here, but they are very close.  These were my goals for 2012, the current personal record (PR, […]


Everyone has something they would like to achieve in life.  Everyone has goals and we all feel great about ourselves when we achieve that goal we have been working so hard to accomplish.  I have always been told that simply writing down your goal will increase the likelihood that you will achieve that goal.  Locke […]


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